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9781594486340_custom-7634a3cafb37cbab43f07b8b8f14d29ef4d795f7-s2-c85 Cross Dressing Slave #MediaApartheid or future Hollywood blockbuster?

MediaApartheid — You did it.  You — the audience. This is the kind of ish you want to see from Hollywood on the big screen.  Hollywood dangled carrot in front of entertainment slaves and... 

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Buzz from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference | New Orleans

Live buzz captured from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference, New Orleans.  Follow the Buzz | Live Stream Links   window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function()... 

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10250283_817557104940740_103834492779945776_n ScandalFinale: Who’s fixing who? | Shonda Rhimes host #ScandalTWR chat | Gladiators ready to #BreakTwitter | Where will you watch?

Though Scandal receives mixed reviews for black girls behaving badly in their return to lead roles in a drama series, gladiators ready to set records for yet another multi-tv-gasmic #ScandalFinale.  What... 

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Hair She Buzz: Traumatized Orphan aka Reality Star Mimi Faust Linked to Sex Tape | #theClippings

Clipped from several sources: Appears traumatized orphan, failed matriarch aka reality star Mimi Faust wants to rise above by going lowest route she can find — a sex tape. What are we to say when... 

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The Truth Behind Pharrell’s Big Year ~ ZACK’S TV & NEWS #theClippings

Clipped from www.zackstv.com The Truth Behind Pharrell’s Big Year POSTED ON SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2014 BY ZACK THE PRODUCER   According to most folks in the media, this is the year of America’s... 

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The Podcast: Great Debates

1978697_10152286213748470_564678419_n DryerBuzz launches Saturday morning podcast series #HairSheBuzz with DryerBuzz & Co | Listen

Up way to early for a Saturday morning, Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of DryerBuzz.com and mother of four, had an epiphany – let’s talk let’s... 

DryerBuzz.com WHOLE Forum Buzz Update: Are you ready to become WHOLE? Countdown has begun to 2014 | The Buzz Stops are Here

Are you ready to become WHOLE? The countdown has begun to 2014. We’re going to make you WHOLE – wise, health, owners, loved, and empowered.... 

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DryerBuzz.com Presents #27Answers

27 answers DryerBuzz presents #27Answers to Create Buzz with Books | Success Call | March 27th

Extend business shelf life with customers by offering books, series, how to’s, product catalogs. Or, turn your blog into the next best seller.  Learn... 

Screenshot 2013-10-05 at 7.30.29 AM - Edited VideoBuzz: DryerBuzz Buzzes BarOne | Urban America Today TV | Scandal Watch Party #LivingAtlantaStyle

VideoBuzz:  follow the buzz as we buzz Bar One courtesy of Urban American Today TV for Scandal season 3 premiere.  Also catch the buzz you missed from... 

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