Is TweetChat the Death of Twitter and Twitter Apps

I knew the minute I heard twitter mentioned on CNN that gone were the good ole days.  I knew then that every source head with a piece of code knowledge would come lurking.  There have been good, bad, and ugly applications (apps) for twitter.  January 1, 2009 an app called TweetChat simply murdered twitter.

When my tweetdeck (one of the best apps known to twitter) fails, I get mad.  When I wanted to chat, I went over to which has been around for nearly a decade or more.  It was one of the first to offer audio/video chat and is still the best around.  Later in the day, I decided to look in on twitter and notice my tweetdeck not updating.  My API’s were all gone 🙁

I checked the trending tweets after the first available updated when I noticed more than a few thousand tweets tried to come at once.  So I checked (which tweetdeck seems to appear to duplicate) to see the “trending” tweets.  It seems a couple a tags were now highly involved in this “tweetchat” which meant that those I “followed” were tweeting several tweets a minute.  Too many for other apps to keep up.

While I was not involved and not trying to be involved in the conversation, I could no longer get my news tweets or see what my “friends” were up to except to try to get away from their frequent tweets in “tweetchat.”

This is bad.  Tweetchat has become both the ugly, the bad, and the death of twitter.  Why the invasion of chat in twitter, I don’t know.  Twitter was about what you are doing today, not every second of your life.

Many apps have tried to re-invent the comforts of twitter, some successfully.  Some disastrous. Tweetdeck great. Brightkit great.  But TweetChat omg what a wrong turn.  If someone you follow is involved in a chat, their tweets – every last one invades your space. No more is it unique.  It’s now the same old chat we’ve had for decades. I don’t want to chat, I want to tweet.

Think about it.  The last time you heard a bird chirping over and over – you got sick of it quickly right?

My condolences twitter.

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brooksbennett: @Sistory I am the dev of TweetChat and am sorry you do not enjoy it. I am confused when you say it “eats up resources” though…

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