Move over “Housewives” Meet “”The Girlfriends of Atlanta”

Atlanta – You loved to hate on the “Housewives.”  Will you love to love the “Girlfriends of Atlanta.”  Are they real women and real entrepreneurs with real charities and real class? Judge for yourself when you get the buzz behind the buzz Friday, Feb 6, 2009 7:30PM on DryerBuzz & Company.  To represent Atlanta, you’ve got to start with the Buzz first.

Renee aka “Diva,” Regina, Monica and Lyschel who are all busy working professionals and entrepreneurs making a name for themselves in “Hotlanta,” will be LIVE with us just before kicking off their “Sex In the City Birthday Soiree” where their special guest will be none other than Atlanta’s best boyfriend Dwight Eubanks who stole the show on  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The Buzz starts Friday LIVE and podcast at 7:30 PM – call in 646-652-2642.  Spread the Buzz

You just got the buzz with “The Cut,” “Fame and Torture” from DryerBuzz (dot com)

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3 Thoughts to “Move over “Housewives” Meet “”The Girlfriends of Atlanta””

  1. Bahbahloouieee

    Do we REALLY need this? Really?

  2. Housewives, girlfriends, and hopefully some angry mothers from the suburbs!

  3. […] A-List who came out includes two of the ladies “Renee Knorr and Monica Polo” from The Girlfriends of Atlanta, a new reality show that drops being housewives. The Girlfriends of Atlanta are ALL Sex in The City […]

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