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6 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Real with Rev. Al Sharpton – Live Stream – Watch Radio

  • Mark

    This only is a conversation about ourselves. It’s the same flavor candy in different see-through wrappers and we keep buying it, then stomping our feet and whining about the taste it leaves in our mouths.

    Know what’s laughable?? When R Kelly had the child abuse sexual charges most recently, people were buying it on the black market in order to judge if it was illegal and then, try to debate the issue!! The people I encountered didn’t seem to realize that they’re almost guilty as he was (if he was) for buying it. We become a laughable people.

  • mary lane

    hi rev al
    my name is mary lane and i am a licensed home health social worker. i am retired and do home health visits to supplement me and my husbands retirement income. we are blessed to be able to keep our heads above water, keep our home and live comfortably during this recession. the problem for me is some of the white elderly patients i visit who desperately need the homemakers,meals on wheels and transportation services i set up for them. they dislike so much that they have a black man for a president and. as needy as they are some of them have even refused services because they did not want a black social worker coming to thier home. i will continue with my work but i have given up thinking black/white relationships will ever improve especially during the time of our first black president.i will continue supporting you and other groups fighting for our rights but right now i am thoroughly disgusted with these right wingers ,limbaughs,becks.

  • Michelle

    Rev. Al. Regarding the dress code at work, As a woman, I agree with the company who asked the woman to tone down her dress style. In a corporate enviornment, women know what’s appropriate and what’s not according to the dress code of the office. Yes, there are some companies where women wear tight and form fitting cloths, but there are other companies, who portray a more conservative enviornment….especially banks and financial companies. When a woman is working for someone else, they have every right to set the standards for the company. When a person wants to dress the way they want to daily, they should be in business for themselves. There are boundaries in everything in life.

  • Mark

    Mark: There are limitations to nepotism. Al, when I call your show, not matter what time I can’t talk to you. Right away I know when your ‘producer’ answers the phone I’ll have to repeat my “reason for calling” more than twice; and when I’m especially hyped about a subject, it’s exasperating because I know she hears me the first time.nnThere are Black women whom have resentment toward certain kinds of men (if there are really ‘kinds’) or should I say there presentation or the way they speak. It’s self-destructive. Did you ever consider changing producer one day or the next. Calling your show for me is like calling in these virtually unintelligable white racist show.

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