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We had the privilege of connecting once again with Janks Morton on the topic of relationships and the release of his latest documentary Dear Daddy.  Even with a wonderful father, two awesome grandfathers, when Janks asked “who was the first man you fell in love with,” I was stumped.

How is it that we as women are not equipped to translate and connect the relationship with our fathers and father figures to Mr Right? It got me thinking and dodging the question.

An expert at guiding healing conversations, Morton took us to task, helping myself and callers begin to recognize and even reconcile Daddy issues.  Listen via the podcast embedded below or visit our BlogTalkRadio page. Learn Why Mr. Right is Wrong for You Right Now.


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Show Notes

  • Welcome to the podcast 0:00
  • Are you a buzz club member 2:50
  • Welcome Janks Morton 3:30
  • Relationships From the Heart of the Matter 4:40
  • Mr Right, Dear Daddy and That Dude 5:10
  • Fatherless Epidemic? 1.8M Black Girls 18-24 Without Dad 6:16
  • Unresolved Issues with Dad/Parents  7:15
  • Relationships Romantic or Otherwise Affected by Unresolved Trauma 7:30
  • Why Black Women – What is it? 12:00
  • Absence of Daddy: Bitterness, Anger, Complex Emotions 14:20
  • Unwilling to Deal with Past will Cause Past to Deal with You 17:15
  • Broken People Attract Broken People 18:30
  • What is Love (That’s Not Love that Lust) 18:42
  • Greatest Lie Told to Women 20:45
  • Who Was The First Man You Fell In Love With 22:15
  • Four D’s of Fatherhood: Disengaged, Deserter, Deceased and Disenfranchised 24:35
  • Doggone Good Daddies 25:10
  • Janks Morton (@JanksMorton)takes calls and April Gabrille (@NoBrokenHome) joins us 29:30

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About Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy is a feature length documentary about the life long effects of fatherlessness on women. The film follows the dramatic journeys of eight young women from the tough city streets of Washington,DC as they struggle to overcome poverty, poor educational systems, no healthcare, and the most difficult life circumstance they have been dealt… the absence of their fathers?? Now available for purchase or online rental.  Morton suggest women NOT watch the film alone but with others to break the cycle and continue the healing.


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