Hair She Goes! Robin May Challenges Women to Address Their Marital Intimacy in Her Latest Book: “The 30 Day Intentional Intimacy Project”

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Studies show that married couples are only intimate 64 times a year, and a shocking statistic says that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Whether those statistics are accurate or not, many would agree that experiencing “forever after” seems more elusive than ever! After working with married couples for several years, Robin May, licensed therapist and relationship/life coach, has come to understand that maintaining a healthy sexual intimacy is critical to maintaining a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

Understanding that the sexual frequency isn’t satisfactory to most couples, Robin, through her latest book, The 30 Day Intentional Intimacy Project – For Married Women, challenges women to do their part to change that statistic. Unlike other challenges that place pressure on couples to be intimate every day for 30 days, this project encourages women to be reflective and responsive through simple daily assignments. Through this type of thought & heart-provoking process, women will not set themselves (or their marriage) up for failure by starting something they can’t maintain long-term.

The book, geared towards Christian women, encourages the reader to realize that being intimate with their husbands is not only a good thing… it’s a God thing!

“Most of us need to take time to be INTENTIONAL about INTIMACY. We need to be as focused on the intimate parts of our marriage as we are on all the other aspects of our life. We need to make intimacy as much of a priority as we do communicating, spending time or even praying with our spouses.”

Robin will be partnering with churches nationwide to host the book tour through their individual ministries. “I want to partner with churches, because we need to get back to basics. Ministry leaders understand that their church organization cannot be healthy if they do not have healthy families, which of course, includes healthy marriages,” states Robin. “And more often than not, a healthy marriage includes vibrant and consistent intimacy! Sex is God’s gift for married couples and the church needs to talk about it!”

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