The Clippings: Are Church Folk Revolting? Million Man March Against Preachers? Take Back the Church?

We were combing the headlines as every now and again we browse around to see what’s buzzing. We just have to make a stop at Just look what’s buzzing over there…

Million Man March Against Preachers | Summer 2012

Calling On True Men & Women Of God To Take Back Our Churches From Paid Pastors

Yes I said it, a One Million Man / Woman March on Washington against Pastors. As a member of the African American Community and one who has poured thousands of dollars into a local church for years ( before getting emancipated), I think it’s time to charge these churches with several spiritual felony offenses that have been perpetrated against the Body of Christ.

It is time for a real revolt against the men and woman who have monopolized the name of Jesus for greed and pleasure. With so much protesting going on it got me thinking about a few really good causes to protest.  Listed below are three reasons that traditionally motivated ordinary people to take to the streets.

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