Buzz with that Father! 500 Fathers March Labor Day for Fatherhood | Detroit Sept 3, 2012

Buzz with that Father! — Annual fathers day march for Fatherhood, this year Good Father’s Only (GFO) are looking to have 500 fathers march to tell the world Fatherhood is Back.


“It was amazing last year to have some fathers along side of me in this quest,” says Calvin Mann, “and now this year we already have men commited from LA, Baltimore, Philly, and Detroit suburbs. Imagine 500 fathers walking in the same color GFO signature tshirt sending the message through out news outlets.”

Since 2008 Good Fathers Only LLC has been showing the world apparel and resources so this past June 11, 2012 GFO launched “uniting fatherhood through Resources and Apparel” If you are free come on into Detroit and walk with GFO Sept 3, 2012.

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