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Each day, our twitter and social media streams fill with frequently asked questions about social media, entrepreneurialship, and becoming a household name.  We’ve taken the questions and many more to provide answers in two very informative and handy eGuides.

Literally change your game overnight with tried and true tips to build a legitimate and engaged following whether you’re looking to entertain an audience, network with peers, or attract new life long customers.

Download #27Answers and TeachMeHowToTwitter written by someone with more than decade online and two decades engaging niche audiences, our editor Yalanda P. Lattimore, rated one of the top 100 Black Women on Twitter by BlackWeb20 and one of the Top 50 Black Business Women Online according to and BBWO.

Save 20% when purchasing both.  eGuides delivered via email upon purchase.

#27Answers to Social Media — Learn what it takes to become a household name using social media techniques. In this exciting release, I answer 27 FAQs often asked by entrepreneurs when networking their business via social media. The questions cover topics such as building an audience with Twitter, Facebook and other mediums; attracting new customers; the business behind blogging to book publishing; creating influence and keeping customers focused in a busy social world. 62 Pages answering 27 of the most FAQs.

TeachMeHowToTwitter — There are four reasons to use twitter, but as an entrepreneur, you want to become leader of the PAC where PAC stands for peers, audience, and customers. Using my simple e-guide that reads like tweets, you can begin today building a legitimate and engaged following. Learn to engage with peers, build and audience, and find your customers. Your eGuide will be delivered to your via download. Includes 5 pages of quick tips to change your game overnight.

eGuides delivered via email upon purchase.

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