Hair She Goes! Women Interactive Seeks Technology Companies to Demo Tech Products in Interactive Atrium | October 13, 2012 Spelman College

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Produced by Art of Genius in partnership with Spelman College’s Digital Moving Image Salon, Women Interactive is the inaugural creative technology festival for women with a special focus on women of color.  Women Interactive seeks to encourage women, creatives and the “accidental techie” to be empowered to use technology in creative ways for content creation. The festival, taking place at Spelman College on October 13, 2012, has three tracks: Content Creation, Sharing Content and Monetizing Creativity.

“Women use technology in various ways for both creative and utilitarian purposes. Further, women are also the largest purchasers of technology in that they tend to buy not only for themselves, but also for families, homes and businesses,” said Sabrina Harvey, Founding Curator of Women Interactive.

In an effort to foster a better dialogue between women, creatives and technology companies, Women Interactive is featuring an Interactive Atrium, which will give technology companies an opportunity to engage with event attendees.

“The Interactive Atrium will be not unlike a user conference where attendees will be allowed to touch and experience technology directly and offer immediate feedback to the companies,” said Ashia R. Sims, Founding Curator of Women Interactive.

Companies and individuals who have interactive technology products are invited to submit their product for consideration to be featured in the Interactive Atrium and get their products in front of a captive audience who is there to soak up the technology and knowledge being shared at Women Interactive.

Women Interactive is a two day interactive technology festival for women of color who produce and share digital content. In keeping with the fast paced nature of  technology, the WI Festival will allow college students, academic faculty, technology and media professionals the opportunity to interact with innovative technology in our Interactive Atrium, view cutting edge media content in our Screening Rooms , experience technological exhibitions in the Inspiration Hall and participate in media and technology workshops in our Education Suites.  All exhibitions and education workshops are executed in 30, 20 and 15 minute intervals allowing attendees to get high quality information in a short amount of time.

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