Hair She Goes! Women Spend Millions To Learn Who They Woulda Coulda Shoulda Been — Go Ask Your Mother!

Hair She Goes — Wrapping up a season of conferences and events, majority of them female focused like BlogHer, Woman Thou Art Loosed, National Black Herstory Taskforce, and Women Interactive, I came to realize we are not talking enough to our mothers and women in our families. During Q&A, most frequently asked questions  could be answered with (and I so wanted to shout it aloud) GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

Women exhaust seasons in life wondering from where their inner spirit comes. Add to that, how women wonder about their drive, inhibitions, leadership skills, confidence, fears, loving nature, or flat out negativity. Women spend millions on conferences, not to mention therapy, to find out who they are or woulda coulda shoulda  been. GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

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What we know or don’t know feeds our esteem, especially when it comes to dealing with how we look.  Such is the case in the phenomenon of natural hair, as if our grandmothers and mothers were not rocking Afros <~natural hair.  Or embracing our hips, lips and size.  Also, I find it amazing the further we move away from our mother’s and grandmother’s cooking, the worst our weight and health becomes.  Yes, mother and grandmother used questionable ingredients, but they didn’t eat them everyday.  I’m just saying.  GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

Speaking of natural hair, we need to ask our mothers why their generation ushered us into becoming the relaxed generation?  Our hair was not the only facet relaxed. Why is it latter generations have such little interest in political and social engagement with no clear platforms?

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Ask mom, how parental involvement, especially in education, is at all time low.  What is it that 2K parent just don’t understand?  We cannot send a child off to an institution as a convenience while we work (or not work for those who need to stereotype).  Let’s ask mom, what is this need to stereotype and how come we are not beyond, but more embedded in classism and negativity? GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

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Oprah’s OWN now features a show with Iyanla Vanzant called Fix My Life.  Already it is full of episodes solving problems festered over decades because simply can’t or won’t ask our mothers. What is it that silences the voices between generations? Pastor Sheryl Brady whom we met at Women Thou Art Loosed says it’s because parents are too busy to pore into their children.  This leaves women seeking inspiration elsewhere rather than GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

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In writing this very post, I had to think about those who don’t have mothers.  Even if your mother is no longer with you, don’t let another season past without talking with someone who knew her best. Also in developing the chart, I had to prepare for battle from those who will argue how it appears I may have re-written or pruned the family tree of men. That is not the case.  In this particular exercise, I just want women to succinctly realize, through a visual representation, the number of women behind them.  I just want women to take a moment and GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

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Knowing who we are and from the women we came will allow us to get the most out of  conferences.  Our canvas is not as blank as we think. <~ GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

Take a moment to download the pdf of GO ASK YOUR MOTHER! Hair She Goes History Chart to see how far you can go in completing the chart.  Try to place a name of a woman in your family in each box starting with your mother; then her mother; your father’s mother’ and so on.  Each line beside each box represents a father or you can use that line to represent a trait or behavior (good or bad) you may have inherited.

Regardless of how each woman fits into your life be they present, absent, functional or dysfunctional, their traits are still with you.  They hold the answers to questions you need answered.  It’s time to GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

Download GO ASK YOUR MOTHER! Hair She Goes History Chart

Join the discussion on twitter @DryerBuzz or visit our Facebook to share or talk about your chart. Next time you have a question about yourself just GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!

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