The Election Clippings: Romney Obama Round Two: Read Romney’s Real Binders Full of Women | Presidential Debate Gone Wild

Bravo Romney! <~ This is NOT a compliment at all!

Is Mitt Romney’s binders full of women filled with reality show wives? Romney straight went NeNe Leakes on President Barack Obama and cnnFail moderator Candy Crowley during round two of the presidential debates Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

Within the first few minutes, I was waiting for Romney to flip a table like Teresa Giudice.  Like an episode of VH1 Basketball Wives, the two candidates were in sparring position on the first question.  Romney came out of his corner so fast, thought I had missed the bell.  Was waiting for Big Bird or secret service to separate the two.

Clearly Romney was well aware how Obama was advised to be more assertive. To counter, acting overly assertive from his bully pulpit, Romney came off as if he was ready to take the President down at any moment.

President Obama was not without fault.  Rather than calling off the debate and demanding Romney be medically examined, Obama tried to pull a few reality tricks of his own.  Channeling Caroline Manzo‘s god-father-esque moves, Obama was also a bit disrespectful to moderator Candy Crowley, who presumably was pretending to be sleep like Jacqueline Laurita (off topic – tell me that’s not a stripper name). Still, Obama (a man of good conscience) could not top Romney’s bad behavior.  Both candidates should be apologizing to America and cnnFail post the disastrous drama filled debate.

So much went wrong in this debate that Vice President Biden was on the morning shows calling it right.  We know Biden can flip a script.  Biden is the chairman of the bully pulpit is his own Andy Cohen way.  Giving us his take while acting all innocent.  When Biden walks through a room, in my head I hear Ludacris singing “Move B….”. I digress.

What I cannot get out of my head, besides Romney’s bath salt like behavior, is his insane insistence that Government can’t do this or that, nor create jobs.  Romney goes on and on about his life and successes in the public sector.  Yet, and in complete controversial conflicting exact opposite from the same tongue, the former Governor (a position in government) running for President (highest position in Government), says if elected (a process of selecting government positions), says he CAN CREATE 12 million jobs.

Bravo Romney! <~ again this is not a compliment.  The man has a warped reality. Hence, the reason Romney is the last man standing for republicans, who for the most part have given up on 2012 and are now  waiting to pounce on 2016. Speaking of 2016, we asked you to think ahead in a recent poll “Did President Obama Leave His Legacy Unprotected by Not Picking Hilary Clinton as VP?“, since Biden may not run for President.

Back to Debate in Question…

The problem now is that President Obama is acting like Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks, staying in this warped reality too long, feeding crazy as opposed to being like Bethany who got in, got hers, and got out.

Back to the drawing board for President Obama.  I keep telling y’all the man’s numerology says he won’t get it until the last debate.  He needs to get like Bush and Reagan and get somebody on that. Let’s just stop looking for Obama to keep up.  It takes him a minute.

I can’t feed crazy today.  Round two of the Presidential debates was some hot mess on display… on display… on display (lip syncing in my best Melissa Gorga).  Next debate, I will be tardy for the party!


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