Hair She Goes! Watch: A Lady Named Pearl performing Natural directed by Chuck Moore | NaturalHair Tribute


VideoBuzz: A Lady Named Pearl performing Natural. Video directed and edited by Chuck Moore. DP: Pete Wages. Crew: Brett Mason, Ryan Von Drasek, Christian Driver, Jenna Brandi. Choreographer: Ursula Kendall. MUA: Keya DeLarge. Lyrics written by A Lady Named Pearl. Track produced by Daz-I-Kue of Bugz In The Attic

Follow Her Buzz via We love the tribute and wanted to share.  Which ever way you wear your hair, know that your hair is your history.  Let your roots show.  It’s important to find your place in the hair universe where your confidence can shine.  Feel to explore it all — colors, long, short, natural, weave and more.  Just don’t lose yourself.  Hair She Goes!


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