Hair She Goes! If I were to blog about Django Unchained, title would be Why Everyone Has to Die to Save A Black Women — in a Hollywood Film

Really and truly that is what I would title my blog.  OR, I could say it like this: “If a black man wants to ride off into the sunset with a black woman in a Hollywood film, everyone must die.”

Other than that… Django Unchained was a good western comedy. Why Tarantino decided to remix his western with abuse of a Black woman — I don’t know the answer. Odd strange fellow is he.  If you know me at all, then you know I have been pissed with Hollywood all year long.  Hence, my abandonment of theater for theatre. Django just kept up with the furor and probably did one better — having a few good black women actually IN the movie. 

I don’t want to analyze it any further than my Django tweets which you can easily scroll back to Christmas day, when I interrupted my holiday festivities, to sit for hours on end to watch this very long movie. But I will say this…


“Time wasting sons of bitches” is my favorite line from the Django.  I apply this line to the preamble of the protest where Jamie Foxx, Tarantino and cast mates worked to diffuse uproar about the film and characters they chose to play. It just ain’t that serious. 

I’m more disturbed by the black actors repeated attempts to separate Dicaprio from his character and how great he delivered the N-word as many times as they all had to say it. It just ain’t that serious.

Django Unchained was not, is not, and please don’t let it become some iconic historic piece.  It is filled with a bunch of actors who wanted to be employed over the summer. That’s it. On paper, it might have been something else.  During filming, it might have come across as iconic due to locations.  But the final cut — is a western comedy.

If I walk pass a dude and he says to me “I got that Django,” then I might just get a copy until official DVD is released.  Jamie Foxx in that blue suit working that whip — that ish is priceless. I’m just saying. OMG!

Naturally as a movie buff, I want to watch Django with the director’s narration and all the deleted scenes.  I want to know if after final cut, Kerry Washington is asking herself “why the hell was I in this movie?”  While I myself would love to see the resurgence of black women in Hollywood films — this was not it. I was expecting Django and Broomhilda to ride off like Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman — that didn’t happen.

At least we know there will be a couple black men at the Oscar’s this year.  Lord help me now if Samuel L. Jackson is nominated.  Rather than Jamie Foxx giving some long sentimental award speech connecting Django to our heritage, he should just say “thank you” and “good night.” Nonetheless, Jamie’s role was one of the better roles in theater this year, even though it arrived with only five (5) days left in the damn year. I’m just saying.

As for Spike, he’s entitled to be bitter.  He never truly capitalized or leveraged power in Hollywood, while at the same time, he let his audience sit dormant while complaining about everything else. He and Cornel West are currently tied for Bitter Old Men of 2012.

Don’t let rhetoric (and certainly not my opinion) stop you from seeing Django Unchained.  Go see it for yourself.  It is a funny western. Towards the end (by which time you’re begging for the credits), Tarantino tries to make some point by abusing a black woman to which our hero avenges — I think. 

Jamie Foxx looks good, even as a starved ex-slave, bounty hunting, horse loving, gotta rescue a black woman hero.

I could keep blogging, but really the movie was so long, I’m sure there are parts I have forgotten. Will tweet if I remember more.  Follow me @DryerBuzz

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