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Newtown Inspires New Day — We Hope

Hair She Goes! — The day before Newtown we had our opinions about teachers. This holiday season, teachers are on the if list for the gift list.  You know the list with people, where if you have a little left, for which you would buy something. But the day after Newtown…


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There’s a song called Wake Up Everybody by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  John Legend has a popular version.  I’m sure their others. We all know part, if not all of the lyrics.  Day after Newtown, a stanza of it sticks out to me…

Wake up all the teachers time to teach a new way

Maybe then they’ll listen to whatcha have to say

Cause they’re the ones who’s coming up and the world is in their hands

when you teach the children teach em the very best you can.

Comes days after Newtown…

I say it’s time to wake up all the parents.
After Newtown, it’s time to inspire a new day.
It’s past time for parents to listen to what teachers have to say.
We knew they were nurturing our kids during 6 and 7 hour days
But we didn’t know they were playing secret service if bullets came their way.

Comes days after Newtown, political figures, pundits and even cultural critics like myself have taken our stance on gun control and mental health.  My timeline is filled with my opinion and challenges to others. But there is another issue we just can’t seem to figure out — parental involvement.

Teaching has to be the hardest job in the world.  The number one measurement to teaching is graduation rates.  In Georgia, we’re told nearly one third won’t see a diploma.  The school is there.  The teachers are there.  Students are there – sometimes. But what’s missing? Parents?

We know people are hurting in Newtown.  But Newtown has to inspire a new day.  We know parents in Newtown are asking themselves what, if anything, could have been done differently?  When I see the photo of the teacher with a line of crying students escaping their horror, I think to myself, what if she had one parent or two who could have stayed behind a little longer?

It’s a hard question. I know.  But Newtown has to inspire a new day.

Which school, in or around Atlanta, is known overwhelmingly for parental involvement?   It makes a difference in way we don’t think.  As parents, we wake in the morning and we have to get to work.  Frustratedly we rush through our mornings, getting the kids off to school.  We jump in our commutes to get to our jobs, where people really could care less about our children.  We work the day and arrive home hours after these precious lives have been out of school.

We do it again the next day.  We knew teachers had it under control, but did we really know they were playing secret service.  Teachers tell me certain lockdown strategies have been in play since 9/11.  In some school, these plans are heighten due to neighborhood gun violence.

But Newtown has to inspire a new day.

Parents, let’s keep it real. You have time to be at your kids school more.  That 5 or 10 minutes where you stop to get a cup of coffee.  That extra 30 minutes you take on special days to have lunch with your work buddies.  Those times you take an occurrence because you just don’t feel like fighting traffic, so you double back to the house for extra respite?

But Newtown has to inspire a new day.

Parents who double back to the school just for an extra hug or visit,  change the dynamic of neighborhoods and schools.  Being a parent with a reputation of showing up any day, any time, any hour impacts not only your child, but their classroom and especially the bullies and the teachers that aren’t teaching.

Those who have ill gotten games planned for your neighborhood never know when to put their plans in action because there you are as expected – doing the unexpected – hanging out at your kids school.

Instead of piling into the express lane.  Park the car.  Go inside, be seen if only for a quick walk through.  Parents who take time to chill-out in the cafeteria with kids in the morning makes the cafeteria ladies put out the good milk and juice everyday.  School breakfast is not bad and often better than most fast food joints.  The kids of parents who spontaneously visit classrooms get taught and treated well.  Not to say other kids don’t, but there is an expectation made through the connection of parents, teachers, and students.

If you’re going to get an occurrence at work, then get one or many because you’re an involved parent.

Newtown has to inspire a new day.

So as gun control and mental health cloud the issue.  As Newtown goes through these next unthinkable days. Let the resolve be to understand and become allies to our teachers — who are not only educating and nurturing our children, but with horrific events of one town — we now know, have become brave-hearts.

Wake up all the parents, it’s time to parent a new way.  Newtown has to inspire a new day.

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