Inside Atlanta Radio: Frank Ski and Wanda Smith Bid Farewell to Atlanta’s V103 Radio – Ryan Cameron Moving to Mornings

Updated (12/20) PhotoBuzz:  A day after 12-12-12 Atlanta prepared to start anew bidding farewell to the FrankandWanda morning show which held its audience captive for 14 years.  Ski made his big announcement, to leave the station, sandwiched in between Lil’ Wayne’s “No Worries” followed by a sermon clipped from Pastor Craig Oliver of Elizabeth Baptist Church. (exactly what you’re thinking – doh!) It’s all happening right now at V103Atlanta | Watch and Listen | PhotoUpdate: Frank and Wanda Last Day at V103 as they bid farewell December 20, 2012.

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PhotoBuzz: Frank Ski created a remarkable footprint in Atlanta, arriving to the city amongst controversy at the end of another beloved morning show.  He made his mark in the city as an honorable man, great family man with awesome contributions with Atlanta’s youth and business ventures.  We are excited to see his future endeavors.  Frank serves as a role model for enterprising men and women in this city.

Testimonies from the farewell speak to the presence of Wanda Smith on the morning show.  Her roll as a mother has always been impressive to us.  We wish them both well.

Yalanda Lattimore,


We anxiously await the 3rd and 4th announcement — New Morning Show Coming to Atlanta!

Shoutout to @ATLien


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One Thought to “Inside Atlanta Radio: Frank Ski and Wanda Smith Bid Farewell to Atlanta’s V103 Radio – Ryan Cameron Moving to Mornings”

  1. Dear frank and wanda-

    One more thing before you go-if its not too late. Can you possibly publish or make known the interview you had with walter from RHOA? I believe Mademoiselle magazine had it on facebook and I heard the entire interview-and i believe it needs to be made known somehow because this woman is pushing this relationship to the extreme and i believe i heard him say he was asked or paid to be a pretend boyfriend to get his 15 minutes of fame and now he wants out. She is now pushing it to marriage as if it is a normal relationship-but its not. Can u help?

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