Chicago Clippings: From Emmett to Hadiya: The Transformation of Chicago

Clipped from From Emmett to Hadiya: The Transformation of Chicago |

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Today is Hadiya Pendleton’s wake. Thousands of people will line up outside a small funeral home on the South Side of Chicago to pay their respect to the beautiful girl whose life was snatched away from her. The city of Chicago will come out to witness how the spirit of hate has taken away another innocent soul. Hearts will break as broken teenagers enter the church, struggling to deal with today’s harsh reality. And as Cleopatra cries out for her lost daughter, Chicago will finally acknowledge that our heart is officially broken. While this pain may be something new for this generation, the eyes of our elderly affirms they’ve been here before.

The Clippings — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life.

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