Hair She Goes! Hot Podcast: Does Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope Have to Be Noble? | Great Scandal Debate

Hair She Goes! Can Scandal Fans Handle A Leading Lady Who Happens to Be A Criminal, a Whore, a Liar  — and Black? – Listen

While Shonda Rhimes is no stranger to diversity, weaving a web of amazing story lines amongst very diverse casts in several shows, Olivia Pope fans prove to be a different audience. Not all Scandal fans have followed Rhimes Hollywood success from show to show.  As such, her storytelling style is a bit of a shocker — leaving some beyond shocked.

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Scandal: Must Olivia Pope Be Noble? Artists like Viola Davis says African American mindset destroys black artists — does it? Listen and let’s debate. 

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Hair She Goes! Can Scandal Fans Handle A Leading Lady Who Happens to Be A Criminal, a Whore, a Liar  — and Black?


When the President, or Fitz as he’s affectionately called among viewers, snatched Olivia Pope in a closet for a — wait — what was that?  A virtual “Oh hell no…” traveled through the socialsphere.  Frankly I was done with the two when all romance left the scene in the oval office. I remember thinking, oh wait, this sister dropping-it-like-it’s-hot all over the White House. What’s love got to do with it?

In the short introduction to Fitz and Olivia, in what was deemed as the first season, we all got caught up in obvious chemistry between two unavailable people.  Been there — done that. However, to bring us up to speed, season two started with flashback episodes which set the tone.  After which, did Olivia Pope quickly go from modern day resonance woman to — A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar?

Hair She Goes! Can Scandal Fans Handle A Leading Lady Who Happens to Be A Criminal, a Whore, a Liar  — and Black?

We can’t turn away now.  Viewers are equally divided and taking sides on the issue, forming teamEdison, teamMillie and so on.  To one extreme, some of y’all are calling my girl the modern day Sally Hemings to Thomas Jefferson.  Really?

Can Scandal Fans Look Beyond Race and History to Enjoy the Show | Let Olivia Pope Go

Let’s talk about it.  We’re taking this one to salons and under dryers with a hot podcast.  Join DryerBuzz and Company, Saturday morning, February 16th or listen on-demand if you miss it live.

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