Hair She Goes! No Valentine? Radio Personality Mo Ivory Blogs How She Called Off Engagement In Fear of Divorce

Hair She Goes! —  Mo Ivory started Valentine’s Day tongues wagging when she took to airwaves and blogging about a change in our status from engaged to single — right before Valentine’s Day. 

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We met at a barbecue in May 2010. We got engaged in December 2011. I called off the engagement in September 2012.


Some called it courageous, some called it selfish. For me, it was the only thing I could do in order to be truthful to myself, honor my authenticity and be honest with the man I loved.

I did not want to get married because I did not want to get divorced.

He wasn’t my type, by my usual standards. But I long ago realized those standards had me married then divorced to my daughter’s father; then had me dating a younger man who wondered if a 560 credit score was great; and finally in a two-year relationship with a man I adored so much – even though he couldn’t leave the house after 11 p.m. because his ankle bracelet would go off.

So, I was willing to go to dinner with a man who wasn’t my type.

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