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Money Clippings: Coach Credit Helps Keep Scores Up in Down Economy : DryerBuzz News, Podcast and NetTV

Money Clippings: Coach Credit Helps Keep Scores Up in Down Economy


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Are you familiar with Coach Credit? To keep their credit scores up while surviving a down economy, some of our readers have been working with the Coach.  Recently on Facebook, we received a testimony and now more good news.


Friend of the Buzz, Oliver Adams aka Coach Credit, has helped a businessman increase his credit score over 100 points in less than 45 days. This businessman was contemplating leveraging his personal savings to expand his business before reaching out to Coach Credit.

After a simple consultation and stern credit counseling, the Coach reviewed his reports and made in-depth recommendations. The results are in: Coach here are my new scores: 786-Equifax. 766-TransUnion. 689-Exper. Let’s tackle Exp, You’re the man! -Dave.

The gravity of the story is most people make the mistake of extending themselves first then seek help after all options are exhausted.


Dave Stone a business owner explains, “seek help through qualified professionals first so the results can catapult your business in ways you can’t imagine. Thanks Coach for your efforts and guidance in my Credit Scoring matters.”

Coach Credit is helping more and more resolve their credit issues “The Right Way”.  Feel free to tweet question @CoachCredit

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