Sunday Supper Secrets: Don’t be a turkey – Marinate! | Flavor Tips from Chef Desmond

Welcome to Sunday Supper Secrets: This week we polled our favorite chefs with a flavor question “How do we get great restaurant FLAVOR at home?” Chef and author Desmond Fannin hit us back with these tips and more.  Looks like his Sunday Supper Secret is MARINATE!

Chef Desmond Marinated Turkey Breasts
Chef Desmond Marinated Turkey Breasts

First, don’t mistake “flavor” with salt! The best way to get maximum flavor at home is to allow yourself time to do it right,” says Chef Desmond Fannin. “If you plan on preparing protein items (meats) marinate the day prior, or for at least an hour or two.”

Other flavor tips:

  1. When using herbs, fresh is the best
  2. When using spices, toast in a pan first (without burning) to “explode” flavor profile
  3. DON’T OVERCOOK what you are preparing. Dry meats and soggy vegetables…not the bizness

We wondered if marinating was one of the most overlooked tips when cooking at home.  Chef Desmond says, yes because “we don’t have the time; at least we think we don’t.”  Seeing chef’s finished product above, we’re stealing his  Sunday Supper Secret.  Don’t be a turkey – MARINATE!

Chef Desmond Marinated Turkey Breasts
48 hours before supper, Chef Desmond’s turkey breasts were marinated with Olive Oil, spices, and herbs; then finished with Kosher Salt prior to cooking.
Chef Desmond

Chef Desmond has many accolades and awards as a rising culinary star. Visual Artist turned Chef, Cookbook Author, Director-Culinary Services (SDX), Husband, Father, AiA Grad, SW ATLien/Grady Baby.  He is that skinny chef you can trust … 

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