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Hair She Buzz | Watch DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore serve recipe for sweet “Lemonade” success at EntrepreNewHer quarterly speakers series

Hair She Buzz — Success happens when yes happens is what I always say.  Sometimes it’s hard to say yes. Yet when opportunity came to pinch hit for another speaker at EntrepreNewHer, decided to step up to the plate and serve — Lemonade.

With only hours to prepare, went right for the book — or one of 27Answers series — 27Answers to Rock Like Beyonce and Serve Lemonade.  When served lemons, women make lemonade.

Past two years, I’ve lived squarely in a lemon patch, grove, pasture, valley, up and down a lemon river. Siri, how does these lemons grow? Living with a different new unkind unsure unwanted fear everyday. Tried to rebuke strong, wanted a shoulder to lean on. But strength is from which I’m made.  I just kept doing what I know to do best — serve.

So on Saturday, June 25, 2016.  I returned to the stage. Some say I never left. My heart did. My mind did.  Must have been a seat filler holding my spot — a good reputation will do that. Yet at EntrepreNewHer, a quarterly speaker series for women entrepreneurs, I stepped into my mindfulness with intention to deliver my recipe for sweet success — my story of turning lemons into lemonade.  Guess what? Prior to that moment, didn’t know I had my own brand of lemonade.

Now I know.  See, I was just writing about Beyonce from when she captivated my attention from SuperBowl to her HBO special until her tour.  Watching over and over until I got the recipe down — five simple ingredients — loyalty, equity, monetize, opportunity, numbers — LEMON.  Then I saw how she asked, demanded, and evolved — made LEMONADE.

EntrepreNewHer was my second time sharing recipe for Lemonade. First time was in an intimate group of women entrepreneurs at Metro ATL & Beyond.  Both events were live streamed and love by audiences.

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Video: Yalanda P Lattimore DryerBuzz at EntrepreNewHer

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