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#DryerBuzz — Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director

Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director | Reigns to Slay Another Day – #YalandaPLattimore

#DryerBuzz — In an interesting turn of events, Hillary’s emails yet again gives us another great round of politics. An investigation of fallen politician, Anthony Weiner, brought us back to this point. Such investigation provided a nice stage for Hillary Clinton and slay she did — against the giant that is the FBI.

We are in HER way! FBI, Trump supporters, and even HER own supporters. We’re all in HER way. She’s got her eyes on the prized — since she likes to borrow black slogans and proverbs.

Hillary turned the stage into center stage. Postured very presidentially, she reminded the FBI and Director Comey that in eleven days and counting … the world as we all know it will change. “The most important national election of our life time,” said Clinton. To which PBS News Hour tells us no attorney would challenge Hillary and HER inner circle.

We’re in HER way! Hillary is a Scorpio. She doesn’t forget. She didn’t need Oprah to endorse her. Scorpios don’t forget. Oprah was team Obama — remember. Don’t get it twisted.

Here’s a quick podcast so you can follow the buzz. Plus ICYMI, watch Hillary Punk FBI and Director

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