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DryerBuzz Revised Movie Meetup with Fences and Hidden Figures

#DryerBuzz — With arrival of holiday blockbusters, revived its popular movie meetup with a double feature.

Friends and followers were invited to meet and enjoy Fences followed by Hidden Figures.

Thesters were buzzing and bursting at seams as audiences grew in anticipation of such hot releases. August Wilsons popular tales of black life in the 50’s starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis leaped wonderfully from Broadway to big screen.

Taraji P Henson, Janelle Monae, and Octavia Spencer blasted into their own space for its limited release.

Both films set social media a blaze with dialogue and debates. Watch our reaction to both as well as clips via our streams and FacebookLive.

#spoileralert — when your ready to join discussion meet us in the stream. Which to see first? We chose Fences as theatre lovers and die hard August Wilson fans.

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