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Where am I going with this … had to get quiet for minute to wait for answers on my next steps. After a year of trauma, a friend suggested I find my sanity doing something that’s not so much of a brain drain … but could give me time to think as well as stay afloat instead of drowning.

So like most, I jumped on the #rideshare (#teamLyft) bandwagon for past few months. And like most, love it … meeting new people everyday, making new friends with regulars, and enjoying the city. Plus I find so much to blog about. It pays for itself and the bills once you #rightsizelife and match with other streams.

Now comes my epiphany among others …

While driving, what I get to witness up close is the resurgence of #Atlanta and what we know as #Gentrification.

As an avid researcher, I went back to examine wealth reports which continue to say Black America has near zero wealth … talking wealth .. the length of time money remains in one set of hands. Not buying power, income, nor debt as we often associate — but actual wealth.

Not one report pointed to where, what I call the great #wealthrobbery, actually takes place. The reports just say Blacks and others are broke and behind every curve. So I had to find this point of robbery.

Each report counted every cent and dollar earned and lost. Yet, there was no real clear answer that said STOP DOING THIS — this one thing to restore your wealth.

Learned from clues gathered from Obama administration where we watched everything bailed out after record breaking fraud and the great wealth robbery known as foreclosure. Where exactly was point of robbery though? And how does it continue to this day? Where do we stop this train?

With so much time to think — while driving old and new Atlanta — it hit me. Sure the poor live one way and the rich live another and the wealthy makes money from everybody. However, there is one key difference beyond priorities that’s clearly systemic for no reason at all. It’s pure robbery that if stopped, could equalize at any given moment. Power to the people.

That’s it! The answer, discovered while driving, could really become the great wealth equalizer. I see it in servicing the haves and the have nots who use ride sharing. Once in the car, are they then equal? Not even then.

We’ve been here before. But where did I hear about the answer first — this one thing we can do. This one thing that has tried to slip back into existence — echoed from one great mind to the next. This one thing is what we’ve been told to do all our lives since before and again upon end of slavery — but now we’re caught up and robbed everyday?

So while driving, thinking, searching, my brain and my passengers, wondered how some of us get it and others don’t? How come people with equal pay 💰 can’t establish equal wealth 💵?

What’s not in published reports that show how every dime going into some middle class to poor households — goes right out the door? It’s not all bad choices or bad habits. In fact, it takes a mastermind to stay a float when robbed everyday.

Once I realized the answer, I remembered exactly where I heard it last and first. The answer was in all of my father’s “no you can’t have that right now, there’s a better way to get it and keep it.” My dad is not one to keep up with the Jones. Dad has a story about a man who tried to borrow $4 y’all. My kids and I can tell you how you don’t want that lecture. Bottom line … no man or woman (since dad had a daughter) should ever find themselves needing four dollars.

So I heard it from dad — how not to get robbed. But where did his generation get it where generations after now robbed everyday. What are we buying ourselves into?

So I kept driving and examining people and places. Listening most for distinct differences, behaviors, and thought patterns. Ride sharing takes us everywhere — from places we didn’t know existed to places we’ve been before but now changed.

Atlanta is a whole new world — born again and in some places — still dying.

What can save Atlanta, us, the four middle classes and the poor? What’s the one thing we could all stop doing. Where’s the real #boycott.

The answer became clear. Clear as the first time I really heard it but discounted it because the guy was old — so old — clearly he couldn’t have that much sense about dollars and cents. He came from a time when they had no money. Yet, when this guy, now an ancestor, did get his hands on money, he had a plan to keep every penny he could. Thank God someone recorded his wisdom.

See, while driving the poor for which ride sharing is a God send of access, and the middle class a new toy, while the wealthy use it as a tool — that near century old recording played over and over in my head.

In the recording with the answer to our dilemma, the guy asking the questions called his subject, a newly freed slave, Uncle Fountain Hughes. It was an interview which became such a valuable part of the Slave Narratives.

That’s it. Fresh off the plantation as they say, our ancestors moved on to their future, our history, with great and immediate accomplishments. We would be so lucky to make gains once made by people who started with much less. There’s so much to learn from our history. In this instance, the answer was simple. Fountain Hughes gave answer in every detailed way he could.

Go back to go forward. Where did the marginalization of a people begin? Where does the great wealth robbery end? Sure we want to know why one set of people needed to marginalized another. But that won’t fix this the way we can knowing their why or not.

Today there is no one set of people holding down another. It’s all disguised. Yet we know majority robbed every day has wealth taken away. Who what where do we boycott? Where should we aim real backlash?

How is this system of the great wealth robbery getting into so many pockets and slipping away with futures — interested?

Take back your wealth. Enjoy a resurgence. Renew your mind and spirit. Save yourself. Protect yourself. Build your future. Rebuild if you have too. How?

The great wealth robbery stops when we boycott interest!

Generations warned us about the unfair practice of interest. Hell, there wa even an episode on Good Times about interest.

Its been the subject of many fraudulent banking and financial practices uncovered for decades.

Never has it been fair or equal. Never has playing field been level. Never has it proved beneficial to all.

So live without it. Stop the robbery. #BoycottInterest

Interest is the deciding factor between poor and wealth. It’s the commonality behind impoverished areas, to gentrification, to historic wealthy communities and individuals.

We can’t save or invest what we don’t have. We’re being robbed.

It doesn’t take a mass movement. We don’t have to wait for everyone to get it or understand. In fact, I don’t recommend waiting on anyone. Do it alone — all on your own. If you find this helpful — stop getting robbed — boycott interest.

Will you? #DryerBuzz

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