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#DryerBuzz – Consumer Power or Wealth Robbery – Nielsen vs Pew

#DryerBuzz – It’s just my opinion. While it’s great that content and brands see African Americans and the black diaspora as primary consumers, there’s much to be said about over consumerism. We must always bring to light the plight of black middle class to grow and maintain wealth. When one report (Pew) says zero wealth, we can’t get too excited when another says consumer power (Nielsen).

In a great Facebook debate after Nielsen released its new findings on millennials — black millennials and their consumer power — these thoughts came to mind. Thus shared with our hashtag #wealthrobbery.

Since emancipation from slavery, and probably before that, #dearblackpeople have tried with great failure to move the needle towards wealth from consumerism by black people – African Americans.

Generation after generation, from emancipation through integration to today, #consumerpower remains greatest debate among people who mass zero #wealth.

The truth found in published contrasting reports from #nielsen and #pewresearch. Nielsen highlights consumer power and is a virtual roadmap to robbing wealth, while Pew Research adds up the wealth once all the money is gone.

No doubt, Nielsen gets a bad wrap for its black reports. For decades, the company has tried to separate its job of reporting from financial irresponsibility of black culture. Other ethnicities prove more responsible in offsetting their variances, using data to make improved strides and gains.

However, #BlackAmerica and other parts of diaspora still majorly caught up in great #wealthrobbery #DryerBuzz

In a follow up post to buying purses and shoes …

It’s not purses and sneakers that’s the problem …

#boycottinterest interest is manner in which black households robbed every month, followed by fees. Purses, shoes, and athletic gear just a drop in bucket and only used to look like wealth. But that car note and other debt sustains great #wealthrobbery

Where’s the balance? Will we allow another generation to drown in debt and consumerism?

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life!

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