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#DryerBuzz — It became a great debate as the mastermind behind America’s new president Donald Trump found herself topic of very unflattering conversation. Known to manipulate media which got America’s biggest idiot elected to highest office, it appears she got punked in a fake news money shot. The real story got lost — HBCUs met with Trump.

What was supposed to represent Trumps olive branch to America’s Historic Black Colleges and Universities #HBCUs, has now become an image of mockery and disrespect. What looks like an overly comfortable casual white female in presence of a president in midst of leadership from top Black scholarly institutions brings on ill feelings and much much debate.

Conway is a master of imagery. So how did she get punked in the Oval Office? Caught positioned in a way many of us deemed inappropriately in a rogue social media moment in the mist of history.

This may sting a bit … but a casual inappropriate white female has historically caused black people to lose towns and generations. Anyone not sensitive to that — where have you been? That’s why we say, Conway got punked. Photo editors used image to create more fake news. Those who ran full photo could have cropped her out — but editors knew it was a money shot — to trigger likes, shares, and debates. It worked.

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BTW, anyone know what Trump offered HBCUs?

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