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#DryerBuzz — Oscars So Black

#DryerBuzz — it was the year of over correcting with a major wreck at the end. In a nut shell, this was the good, bad, ugly, and buzz from 2017 Oscars also known as Oscars so black.

It started out great. With so many nominees of color, there was no talk of protest or boycott. Nothing to rain on Oscars parade except actual rain.

From what we could stand, red carpet went great. Ryan Seacrest held down carpet for ENews and Robin Roberts for ABC with respective crews in tow. Questions were same as always. Who are you wearing? How do you feel? Who did you bring?

Who stole the entire show — Janelle Monae! Best dressed. Best tresses. Best acceptance speech giving on red carpet prior to any win. She got her thank yous in for her peeps.

Where there’s a best dressed, there’s an equally opposite worst dressed — Halle Berry! What after thought dis she have for attending the Oscars? Did a babysitter suddenly become available? Whereas she seemingly ran to closet, grabbed a dress and wig, caught and uber and bam! Train wreck on red carpet.

Speaking of train wrecks — what the what? And the winner is not — La La Land. It was Moonlight. The mix up cleared up three thank you speeches in and then “by the way we didn’t win.”

Veteran actor Warren Beatty tried to alert producers something was not right, but his presenting partner, Faye Dunaway, was no help and inadvertently announced the wrong winner.

Before that, Oscars was having a cool evening. Unless other controversies surface. Congrats to all the winners including Viola Davia who made history adding an Oscar to her wins of  a Tony and Emmy.

A stark dark year for Oscar with so many people of color.  Still we wonder why The Academy finds itself with such a need to over correct. Yes there were amazing brown films with amazing cast — but aren’t there always. When will Oscar let art be art and actors win on their own merits?

Did you watch? Live tweet? Or are you catching the buzz in a binge?

Best Dressed Best Tressed

Worst Dressed Worst Tressed

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz fro — transforming way we look — at life!

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