#DryerBuzz – You don’t want to meet actors – Stay with the fantasy says blogger

In all my years blogging and meeting actors … I can honestly say … you don’t want to meet actors.

If you truly love an actor/actress, stay with the fantasy. Who they really are might ruin your love affair. Especially if they don’t realize how important their role was to your life.

For many actors, your life changing experience with them on stage or screen, was just a job. Paid their bills. Kept them from same problems you face everyday.

Actors don’t travel in and out moments that remain in our hearts forever. Except for those actors who truly get to do what they love or have secured their life long dream roles and remember them fondly.

If you meet an actor by chance, get your autograph or selfie, if they don’t protest, and keep it moving. Stay with the fantasy. #DryerBuzz

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