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#LivingAtlantaStyle – Weekend update best BBQ Hair Show Date Night Ever

#DryerBuzz —

Got a minute then you’ve got time for a quick buzz. Hey it’s Yalanda @DryerBuzz getting ready to enjoy the weekend living atlanta style. Let’s face it, spring is here for the moment and it’s a great weekend to get out and enjoy the city.

Living Atlanta style stage by stage — stage stalkers are invited by National Black arts festival to the Rialto Center for the arts for Malpaso Dance Company representing Cuba’s expanding cultural life on stage in Atlanta.

Let’s talk where to eat this week … it’s a football free weekend — too soon?  Well to help you … nah we’ll not get over Falcons lost any time soon, but the taste of the tailgate continues with Stans Smoke Signals.  When there’s no football, Stan is back in his regular location on Bankhead, Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy.  Follow #stansmokesignals for times. Get there before he post Sold Out!

Count down to Valentine’s Day — Yes that was Joyce Little you heard on the Quiet Storm in her return to week nights on Atlanta radio, but what you really want to know is that it is time for Passion and Poetry — best date night ever.  Got tickets, get tickets, don’t forget the tickets — get them now at Ticketmaster — follow the buzz with passion and poetry.

If this all sound new to you, then you’re not living Atlanta style.  Before we go, let me welcome every one back to Atlanta for Bronner Bros weekend.

And that is how we buzz at — transforming the way we look — at life! Follow the buzz! #DryerBuzz


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