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#DryerBuzz – Black Women – A Wall Trump Can’t Penetrate

#DryerBuzz — Black women have an absolute deal breaker — A WALL — when it comes to President Donald J Trump. Seems the wall between black women and Trump crosses all borders politically and otherwise — Omarosa excluded. That’s why she stay mad. Omorasa banned outside the wall and traded long ago.

The list of women who persist to resist Trump grows as he tries to penetrate the sisterhood with his messaging, normally negative. He fails miserably. His agenda fails. His policies fails. His team fails.

Can we say deal breaker? Trump will continue. And by Trump we mean the man and his surrogates. Don’t get it twisted. Trump’s administration needs a win with Black Women who are largely democrat, and definitely a strong and empowering voting block. Also largely part of segment moving from voting block to ballot.

Persist like Maxine Waters, April D Ryan and others. Persist and resist Trump and his surrogates. Persist like Michelle Obama — when they go low — we go high!

Take action:  react to posts where Trump surrogates demean women. Counter these post in unity. Continue to voice opposition to daily assault on all women by Trump, his surrogates, and administration — even those in skirts.

Stay woke on political action and civic developments both locally and nationally. Join politically affiliated groups. Support candidates seeking new and reelection.

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#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life!

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