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#DryerBuzz – Dave Chappelle Netflix Special Review

Harpo! Dave Chappelle turned down $50 million. Thus began his self proclaimed boycott. He’s back. What changed?

Seems like industry put original $50M in bank and offered it later with a portion of interest — disguised as a #netflix special. After such long protest, I’m thinking Dave should have just put on the damn dress! Routines on #BillCosby and #OJ just as bad!

He got jokes on Bill and OJ’s abuse of women in between his own indiscretions? Of which, his own, just happened to be slightly above the law. As in his much broken marital contract? Chappelle, obviously a failed patriarch, also seems to be a running joke in his own household — liken to a genre of #hollywood which delivers steady flow of gossip and unsungs.

But Dave, it’s not what you do, but how it’s interpreted and used by media that lives long and redeems others. Immediately after first fans flocked to Netflix, media circus began. Headlines and late night show appearances took on narrative as if Chappelle was the nail in #Cosby’s case as he proclaimed #heRapes again and again in his first set. Then came the #OJ set.

Put on the dress Dave — you got played — and for only $10M more — If $60M is what they’re saying? Meanwhile Tyler Perry bought a studio — back to dress argument).

In between borderline confessions of being just guilty of a whole bunch of ish, Chappelle uses punchlines intertwined through tales of history. A win for the funny and the money, because as a society, we have to laugh to keep from crying over our daily attempts to destroy each other.

Not sure how Dave truly feels after this #netflix deal. Last time he sparked much interest in Africa. Wonder where’s he’s going this time? #SINK #sunkenplace #getout

#weliveinpublic #MediaApartheid #DryerBuzz

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