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#DryerBuzz – Ever broke? Become Never Broke with Lyft #rideshare

#DryerBuzz — Are you ever broke? Here’s how to become #neverbroke #nojoke with #rideshare

Most creatives forgo their dreams because they don’t want to risk or endanger their household budgets. A risk like that could amount to taking food off table if ideas don’t succeed well.

However, #ridesharing just became best #crowdfunding source ever where #creatives and aspiring #entrepreneurs raise side money to invest in their ideas #sidehustle.

Want to spend a year writing? Developing a product line? Inventing? Painting? Politicking? Blogging? Tired of investor or sponsor rejections? Try rideshare.

Did you know Lyft just added more and more cities. Five to ten rides a few days a week could have you on your way to your next conference, cruise, or life’s calling. Let’s ride! #teamlyft

Signup and try it. Inbox or post questions below.

Get $300 by driving with Lyft in Atlanta. Apply here, and give 130 rides in 30 days: Terms apply.

Follow our adventures riding driving and blogging rideshare industry.


#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz with — transforming way we look — at life!

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