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#DryerBuzz – Me Myself and Monday

#DryerBuzz – I’m writing this on Tuesday because yesterday was all me, myself, and Monday. Probably first time in thirty years as a worker bee, mom, daughter, citizen of civic duty, blogger, author, and lately caregiver, that I took a Monday for myself.

No Sunday night anxiety. No early rising. No laundry. No lateness. No lunches. No bills. No bill collectors. No phone calls. Not much of anything unless it was for me, myself, and Monday. What did I do with myself?

Went for a drive. But get this. My daughter came along. Realizing we were both taking a day, we went west. No agenda. Just a slow drive west of Atlanta and the  west and more west until we came upon corn dogs and a state park.

Thats what we’ll remember about this particular Monday. Remember this great corn dogs and that mountain view?

May first we couldn’t decide how far west to go. We even considered a quick trip north or maybe south. Where could we go in a day’s journey?

Turns out our short trip, just a few short hours  from home, was what we needed to start a new week. Change of scenery, fast moving river, ride to highest of our neighboring state — Alabama — and back home again.

Family and friends followed along via social media and had plenty of questions about our escape.

A time or two we road in silence on the way home. Taking in the scenic route. Only breaking our silence at crossroads to decide which way to go or when we drove up on a nice scene or pasture. There was that moment thinking we were stuck as we tried to uturn on a narrow road.

For an unplanned day, Monday definitely turned out as planned — so much so — I look forward to more time for me, myself, and Mondays.

To be continued …

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life! 


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