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Livng Atlanta Style 

#LivingAtlantaStyle – I85 Major Atlanta Interstate Out of Commission After Fire and Collapse | #myatldrive #I85Collapse

#LivingAtlantaStyle — Traffic for transplants. That’s what I always say at DryerBuzz.com. But when #I85 collapsed into blazing fire below — we all were impacted.

As a native of Atlanta, learned not to depend on one route when traveling Atlanta’s highways and byways. Wherever there’s traffic, you won’t find me.

What to do now? The question millions now asking following a fire and subsequent collapse of I85 at Piedmont. The well traveled raised highway suffered major damage when items stored below caught fire.

Planners, leadership, and collaborative agencies hard at work devising new traffic plans. Amazingly no reports of injury nor loss of life.

A hashtag #myatldrive now available to follow conversation and tips from drivers as they make their way around the city.

Some tips we have often share at DryerBuzz.com is to never sit in traffic. Easier and less traveled routes often available just two streets over.

We found most of Atlanta traffic problems derive from lack of courtesy when merging and accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Adjusting travel times can mean world of difference in commuting. Does everyone need to be there by nine? Haven’t sat in morning commute traffic in more than a decade by adjusting work hours with start times after 9am.

With #I85 out of commission and recommendations for fleet time, use of public transportation, and carpooling, Atlanta now has to make immediate changes and face a future fought for so long — flex and work from home (or anywhere).

Are you impacted by #I85? What’s your immediate plans as reconstruction begins? what do you think of politics coming into play on who will fit the bill? Who’s to blame for the fire?

A questions begging for a great debate.

#LivingAtlantaStyle — you just got the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — transforming way we look — at life!

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