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Brand Backlash | Pepsi and United Need Only Apologize to Customers

Binge on Buzz: #DryerBuzz says @Pepsi and @united need only apologize to their customers for making them appear racists and insensitive causing #brandbacklash #weliveinpublic #pepsi #united

#superblogger comes out of retirement to address #socialmedia crisis on #wabe

The above status update sums up action major brands Pepsi, United, and many others should take in midst of #brandbacklash. We live in public and can see interrelationships with brands and their customers, says blogger Yalanda P Lattimore in an reoccurring appearance on WABE, an NPR station out of Atlanta.

Called upon to speak on how brands should interact on social media, in the face of social mobs, Yalanda deliveres answers and anecdotes to big brands where recent backlashes damaging their bottom line.

Lived streamed via Facebook, the interview also available via WABE podcast on A Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress.


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