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“I created to get to the root of my #curlpattern — my history” #HairSheBuzz #DryerBuzz

Fifteen years blogging and delivering great content to salons and beyond, I watched hair phenomenon as a new generation Columbus’d their #naturalhair — learning their curl patterns. By Columbus I mean discovered what was already there.

Glad to see women and girls discover their natural essence and versatility of style. Yet, concern and caution grew as we discovered what this hair loving society actually knew about themselves.

Our hair tells our history. Immediate and ancestry. What was this missing ingredient? And why so many thought it existed in a jar?

Watched as billions of dollars spent created resurgence of salons and products. The answer wasn’t jars of products or styles or hair shows.

There was no booth at the hair show to discover ones DNA or asked who’s your daddy? That was the question needed answering. Especially where we are with #fatherhood.

Only DryerBuzz wanted to get to the root of why so many women had to discover, not return to, but to actually discover their curl pattern. The other half was missing.

Were women really mad at #sheamoisture? If not seeing themselves in a commercial caused so much emotional backlash, how harmful is living a life not knowing who you are? What amount of curl pudding can fix that?

Does an absent parent explain how a woman can have a full pantry of hair product? Experimental and beyond?

Having both parents and both sets of grandparents, and all those aunts, uncles, and cousins — I knew my hair well. I could dye it, fry it, lay it to the side, plus color it a thousand times then cut it off. I knew exactly how it would grow back. I knew it would come back with my mom’s curl pattern in my daddy’s color. I even know when and how to expect my gray.

Imagine not knowing? Is that what truly drives our hair industry? Not knowing? Are we searching for beauty or belonging?

To be continued …

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