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#DryerBuzz — Caregiver FOMO

#DryerBuzz — Living Out Loud

Two plus years ago, I walked into journey of caregivers – an amazing crazy upside world that challenged my mind, strength, and confidence. I’ve never known a fear so great.

My kids said do it mom. It’s a crazy world of learning and loving. You have no idea how many people are in this space. I live out loud. In doing so, support has been there all along.

Everyday I’m reminded of a friend who’s been on this journey and I wish that I knew then how to help them. Didn’t know. It’s only now becoming familiar.

Not writing any books. Not a blog journey. It’s just life. #DryerBuzz

PS: so to the constant questions of why I’m not covering red carpets, speaking, all up in VIP, not traveling and my passport gathering dust … keep my extreme case of #FOMO in mind and realize — it just ain’t that time. Never mind that I’ve been there and done it all … but I did it all for this … #caregiver


#DryerBuzz — you just the buzz from — transforming way we look at life!

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