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#DryerBuzz – Changed my own auto headlamps | Girl You Got This!

#DryerBuzz – Don’t tribe me in girls who love cars yet. But I did bring myself out of the dark. Biggest challenge was forcing myself into that big box store.

Was headed out for an evening of Lyfting when I noticed my future not so bright. Cleaned my glasses. Checked my eyes for running mascara or lash error. Wasn’t me. It was the car! Pulled over and saw the Kia, my rideshare ride or die, had a blackeye. OMG!

Earning potential zero! Not willing to give up a Saturday night, turned immediately to my Facebook friends and YouTube for a quick tutorial or suggestions. I would not be one of those drivers — shade! Really Yalanda?

Some of y’all YouTube’rs stay doing too much and put me all up in my womanist feelings. Don’t be pulling out all these tools which you know a woman ain’t carrying.

I did find one which showed how to use  what your mama gave ya! All be it just occurred to me, I probably could have called roadside assistance doh! Now I’m really mad. Anyway …

Girl you got this! Facebook friends were commenting fast and furious. Several told me where to go to get the lights conveniently changed. However this was not a time of convenience. When I asked Siri for those auto places, he (in my chosen male alternative voice) told me each location was closed and closing.

Could not give up. Looked back through comments and saw where a few DIY (do it yourself) friends recommended a quick trip to that all night big box store — my greatest concern in life — for new bulbs. At a price less than $20 and a YouTube, I could be back on the road making money.

Girl you got this! I refused to give up the night. Was not about to become another Atlanta driver riding around with one black eye. Kept telling myself, new headlamps in minutes. you got this.

Next concern. Woman alone in public with car hood up wearing a dress — cause for concern? Not at all — this is Atlanta!

Jokes aside. Was still cautiousness and very aware before attempting.

Girl you got this! As suggested by friends and a great easy fast and simple YouTube (embedded below). I bought the bulbs. Found a safe place. Popped the hood. Watched the video couple more times. Snapped the cap. Pulled the bulb. Plugged in new. Doubted myself a few more minutes then turn the key and … started singing a chorus of  “I can see clearly now …”.

Girl you got this! Looking at my gritty dusty fingers, I was ready to open a mechanics shop.

Facebook friends recommended changing both. But I needed to play it safe while I was ahead. Would change the one good light later. Needed to get back on the road Lyfting before night got away. Dusted off my shoulders. Getting grit on my dress dang. Straightened my cape and this super woman was rolling!

By the way, there was one auto place ten minutes away with fifteen minutes left in their day. Yet, thirty seconds into conversation, clerk said complicated twice and I was like dude — Facebook determined that is a lie!

Facebook was right. YouTube was right. Girls we got this!

Friends! How many of us have them!

Youtube for changing Kia Forte Lights! Search for your vehicle when needed. YouTube is a single woman’s matrix!

#DryerBuzz — You just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life! 

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