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#DryerBuzz – No tattoos yet. What should I get?

#DryerBuzz — Every summer when skin is in — or shall I say out — my quest for a tattoo comes around again. No tattoo yet. What should I get?

After having my kids, always said I would get their initials. To this day, each of my daughters have my desired tattoo in some form or another. My son will probably show up with one sooner or later. But no tattoo yet. What should I get?

Me? I chicken out each yet. I tell myself design not quite right — partly true. Sure when I see the right tattoo, I will want it and go through with it.

I love art of tattooing. Just still don’t understand why tattoos have to last forever. Personally, I’d love to get tatted up for summer with ink that fades over winter. That way I could start each summer as a new canvas.

No disrespect. I just know me. I like change. I need change. Everything must change. Nothing stays the same.

What if I came up with a tattoo that evolved. Came into the year with a big birthday — whispers 50th. Maybe this is the year. And then each year hereafter, I should do something special to change it up.

I’m not the first to think of that huh? Is that what everyone does? I have sat around table with friends who started with one and added more and more. Plus I’m friends with a great tattoo artist – #DaCreativeGenius. But no tattoo yet. What should I get?

My friend, the tattoo artist, says whenever I’m ready. Why am I not ready for this tattoo? The initials won’t change. I’m NOT having any more kids.

Wait! I know what I want. It just changed. I want MOM with my kids initials as charms on a tattoo bracelet.

Always wanted a tattoo bracelet. But just now did I think of adding the word mom spelled out. My idea was to always have AAABJ in design,  yet just now thought to add Mom. The letter M was a thought a time or two. But it’s mom that brings it all together.

When each of the kids got theirs, they highlighted their initial. But I’m mom.

All this time, I was waiting for something to balance out the bracelet. Mom!

Ok so maybe Mother’s Day? Gift from the kids?

Now are we talking two bracelets or one? But I heard wrists hurt to tattoo? Think my excuses just changed. No tattoo yet. But that’s what I’ll get — Mom! #AAABJ

Social Buzz — tag me in your tattoo. What did you get?

When I get my nerve up, you can follow the buzz and tattoo live — maybe. Meanwhile checkout our friends at

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