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#DryerBuzz — SheaMoisture Caught Courting Becky with the Good Hair | Brand Backlash

Harpo! So basically #sheamoisture sidechicks had no idea they were the marrying type until they proposed to #Becky? #HairSheBuzz #DryerBuzz #brandbacklash

#DryerBuzz — Did we not just have this conversation about Pepsi and United? Gone are the days when an ad campaign seen only by its target audience. We can see you! #weliveinpublic

If these were the old days of marketing, SheaMoisture could have ran their campaign for Becky with the good hair where only she would see it and not upset their self proclaimed core audience.

But those days are gone. Follow #brandbacklash which brought on a quick apology from the natural hair brand.

Another one bites the dust. Also see our updates as we asked what does it mean to market to blck women. How black women, of a certain hue and curl pattern, their core customer and SheaMoisture not know it?

Stop asking for loyalty and appreciation after the fact maybe? But we was good to you, black women cried out. Sisters, that’s not how marketing works.

Since, as we predicted, brand backlash is a thing and we will continue this debate. Stay buzzed …

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life! 

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