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#DryerBuzz — “To survive as a single mom, I turned a closet into a tech space”

“To survive as a single mom, I turned a closet into a tech space and changed the game.” #DryerBuzz

A mom of four, I grew tired of explaining how much moms have to work. I wanted weekends off, chances to go to PTA, and take my kids to school. I needed something to replace the second job, third job, summer job, and seasonal jobs . The answer was in my closet.

I’d already tried with some success to launch businesses at the onset of ecommerce. Yet the world wasn’t quite ready. This was early dialup.

Tired of explaining what the internet was or would come to be, I decided to go back to my first passion of writing. Even with the arrival of broadband, the 90’s were still too soon and too risky financially to bring a new print publication to market. I decided to publish online. But who would or could read it?

There was an audience. In the workplace where the internet was readily available. I would tap into the work place. Why not, my newsletter was already a hot break room item thanks to fax machines.

It was time to get digital. But I needed more stories. More sources. More buzz. I had a name — DryerBuzz!

With a business plan to add salons to my growing daytime audience, I then set out to convince public relation firms to grant access for internet writers to their events, red carpets, press conferences.

I would have to compete with major papers, local news, and publications.

To compete, I doubled my coverage with bigger spreads and more photos. Added a few bells and whistles including audio. Eventually, I won everyone over to point they were calling me to cover them instead needing to ask.

A few industry leaders got it. Understood times were changing.

I and a few others leaped from internet writers to new media to bloggers. Superblogger was next after going from blogger to author – launching an answer platform to monetize my blog.

Now where do we blog from here became my annual question when planning my next phase of growth. Sometimes you wanna go where nobody knows your name. That’s when you know you’ve reached a new frontier.

I survived as a single mom. Blogging helped me never miss a beat as a mom and now as my parents daughter. Best part of blogging wasn’t the money but the time. Time to be mom.

Met many amazing people while blogging fifteen years at Yet, my favorite to this day are #aaabj, my kids who I got to know best and who benefited the most. The way the world compliments you tells me, I made the right choice in turning that closet into a tech space.

Thanks for letting mommy become a game changer. #superblogger #retired

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