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#DryerBuzz – What do you want people to believe?

#DryerBuzz — Life full of questions. We spend our entire lives seeking answers. As a blogger, my daily goal is to answer some of those questions.

I tell myself each headline, blog,  and social media post should provide answers. Have you ever listen to someone saying a lot but never really saying anything?

Ever searched for an answer online, only to find forum after forum of people with same problems but few with answers. Scroll after scroll to more questions?

Answer the question. What do you want people to believe? In our world of #MediaApartheid and now #fakenews, answers and facts hard to find. Search engines full of pages and pages of opinions and links to very little answers. Who should we believe?

While watching a clipping from a debate between an author and an audience participant, I heard the author say “why must I pretend you are something you are not? Why do you need me to change my beliefs.”

We won’t go into their topic because that is a whole other blog. The exchange happened during Q&A follow up session. You know the ones where moderators beg overzealous audience members to get to their question after taking over platform.

This particular exchange was pretty good though. It went on for some time. It was good! The author and audience member had a great back and forth going — which led to answers. Genuine questions and real answers which opened dialog further allowing us to see well beyond layers of the topic of discussion. In fact the author began to reveal too much. Audience leaned in for more answers. Exchange sent me on a search for more — answers.

Shared the video on Facebook where discussion continued among friends. But the authors comment about pretending becoming perception becoming belief stuck with me. Today we call pretending — reality.

Not real, but something we want people to believe became our reality. Reality became president — of America.  A genre of tv shows stole networks from scripted tv, good comedies,  and great dramas — which we knew wasn’t real. Now life followed a dangerous path of imitating art — where people can’t tell truth from fiction.

Here we are trying to undo what people believe. So much is lost that millions in 2017 watch a giraffe supposedly in labor as if we have no clue how animals labor and deliver? This ain’t the first giraffe to have a baby.  When did veterinarians stop providing facts?

But what do YOU want people to believe? Now is the time to reinvent the wheel. Will you use such power for good or evil? What would you do or undo?

With my power, I decided to undo MediaApartheid, publishing stories beyond formula of traditional media. Giving spotlight to the unseen unheard unbelievable. Unbelievable only in that it was unseen — seeing is believing. It’s amazing what people believe — when power use for good.

The blogosphere and social media gives us all the power. Seeing is believing. Write it. Film it. Say it. Snap it. Post it. Watch who believes you. Use your power for good. What do you want people to believe?


#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!


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