#LivingAtlantaStyle – At first pitch Suntrust Park is Everything #DryerBuzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle – Using our subscription to INWEGO, we were in the park for Atlanta Braves opening day. First, why ballpark call Suntrust Park when it’s clearly Suntrust city.

A perfectly planned oasis of entertainment is what we saw making our way with thousands upon thousands Friday, April 14th. It will take several more games to experience it all. We see there’s even more to come.

Traffic was no problem as we decided to join early birds and beat the rush. HOV lane up 75 North to Akers Mill Road for a quick loop through Cumberland Hwy 41 and through #rideshare dropoff. Don’t be pressured to take Uber if you prefer Lyft or others. Rideshare proved best for quick access. Services have their own special route and road.

Minute you’re on the grounds, there’s much to see and do before and after games. We’re having to look back over photos and videos to take it all in.

Can we say the game is right in your lap. I’m in love with fist base line seating. Sections of the park give great open air feeling while other parks give an indoor feeling. Suntrust Park is pretty much everything from terraces to rooftop to behind home plate.

Lets talk Suntrust sunset. That cool forever breeze – did I imagine that? The glow of the setting sun and rising moon. Can do this again and again.

Stop! Data time. Heard a park personnel say no spinning. At times we did spin while outside the park. Inside, connection was better for some apps than others. It was all Instagram for DryerBuzz.

Had some trouble checking in for passes on INWEGO upon arriving. Connection was iffy. Might want to screenshot to avoid delay at entry.

Food — it was opening day. Conveted loaded nachos planned for next trip. Line was not moving fast enough. Settled for hot dog. Beer was of course in full supply and consumed greatly by fans. Not my fav. But that’s baseball.

Great offerings. Can’t wait to see how other events utilize the park and surrounding areas. Cool place to hangout if you’re in the game or not.

Getting home. No problem. Walk to parking lot was a bit much during previous visit, so rideshare with #TeamLyft was on tap.

We’re headed back for a few more games as Atlanta gets used to its new park. Stay tuned to see how Suntrust Park grows on us while #LivingAtlantaStyle game by game.

PhotoBuzz from SunTrust Park Opening Day

Video Buzz — Highlights from Opening Day – including honor of Braves legends Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, and others


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