#LivingAtlantaStyle – Traffic is for transplants | How to drive like a native

#DryerBuzz — Traffic is for transplants. That’s what we say in Atlanta watching everyone attempt same route every single day, morning, noon, and night.

Natives know a different way to get around the city.

Myself, I haven’t had a morning commute since I wrote that last check daycare some fifteen years ago. I just refused to subject myself to turmoil and danger of Atlanta drivers.

When I no longer had to be at an institution to pick up a kid before 6pm, I swore off traditional work days.

I refused to continue to sit in traffic with those I call #pandamoniacs. Note autocorrect takes over word I want to use, so I just go with it. Back to story.

There’s a secret to Atlanta traffic. With that secret comes a few answers to stay out it. People love pity parties. Commuters love their horror story more than they want work life balance.

I’m balancing life right now by blogging for fifteen minutes while waiting for my window to hit the road.

The roads aren’t changing anytime soon. In fact, roads are getting worst. Atlanta just lost an major highway due to fire. Millions now need to detour.

Am I impacted. No. If anything, I’ll make more money — in #rideshare. Even still, traffic is for transplants — natives know a different way. Plus I can choose when to drive.

Even before, I had amazing flexibility, I always adjusted my schedule wherever possible. Opting for 10 to 6 over 9 to 5. Half the past decade, I work a boon to nine — that was traffic heaven. Just me, my lane, and favorite playlist.

Long story short. Here’s how to avoid traffic in Atlanta.

  1. Never go route with everyone else. Go two streets over — road is empty
  2. Never travel at same time as everyone else — go early and stay late — enjoy the city
  3. Never drive behind large truck — road empty empty in front of them
  4. Drive speed limits — less breaking and lane changing needed. Plus you get better gas mileage and can avoid those multi car accidents we see each day
  5. Don’t drive. Park your car. Find a rideshare partner, use public transportation. Work closer to home. Live closer to work.

Get your life back. What else can you do with an extra two to four hours a day?

Did you know Monday nights became new Friday for those who enjoy rideshare and flexible schedules. People are living more when not stuck in traffic. Did you know, in most cases, if you stayed just an hour later, you could enjoy yourself and still arrive home just a few minutes later than normal commute times.

I will end this blog and still get to my destination on time just by waiting here at home instead of the bottleneck up the road. It’s all clear. Ready to roll. Traffic for transplants.

Times up. Time to go.

PS: Remember Atlanta’s snowmageddon — I left before everyone and made it home safe in under and hour — 40 mile commute.

Photo: Taken after leaving I20 and 285 gridlock behind. Two streets over — no traffic

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