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Buzz it or Bash it? Ball on Lonzo Ball

#DryerBuzz —

Buzz it or Bash it? Did you grab a pair of these first edition #lonzoball sneakers? Or did you fall in line with naysayers who persecuted the pioneer for launching his own line of shoes rather than lease his name? Guarantee biggest naysayer bought a pair just in case.

Think about it. Once upon a time, there was no independent musicy. Why not do with shoes what others did with music?

I’m no where near a sneaker collector, yet in year if brand backlash, no product has captured as much media attention and curiosity or hate as these shoes. Sure we hear about the over zealous dad and skills yet to seen or accomplishments yet to be bestowed — ah but everybody now knows his name and his game. No high power agent or earned media. He simply went viral as many do today.

But did you bash it? Even after folks complain about athletes not doing enough to own their names and merchandise? So damned if you do and damned if you don’t? Are you having hard time understanding because you’ve not seen it before? Guarantee other athletes secretly planning to launch their own shoes. First independent music and independent shoes. We say buzz it #DryerBuzz

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