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Can we digest a raw reality? #FeedaBlogger #DryerBuzz

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A day later, finished other half of my raw food wrap. Why do I think we need to have a conversation about it? Basically salad serving yet a lifestyle consumed by some and not available to others.

I walked into establishment of clearly woke folks not knowing what to order when I reached the counter. The Punany Wrap suggested for first timers.

“A whole wheat wrap kissed with soy mayo and packed with Spicy Kale Salad, avocado, tomato, sweet coconut corn, and couscous.”

After I made it through a round of yes and no options, the guy remarked that I was now promoted to some new status of ordering like a regular.

Simple fresh ingredients at twice the cost of a burger meal. That’s where conversation starts. We need these wraps to live. Not just woke folk but all of us.

I keep saying woke folk because this is the food of the conscience community. This clientele would never been seen at fast food places. The debates taking place over wraps and salads told me I was in their world.

How did we go from vegetables to diets we have today? How does all other establishments offer up mostly, if not only, meat centered options? Where do all the cows grow?

Couldn’t finish wrap in one sitting, so budgeting a wrap over two days or two meals was more easy on wallet — but why is that?

Lastly, why does raw feel odd? Why aren’t these flavors normal? Why can’t the brain process? My mind questioned every bite, seeking something familiar? When and where were we brainwashed? #DryerBuzz #feedablogger #TassilisRawReality

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