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#DryerBuzz – Seacrest Moves In | How Long Before Kelly’s Out?

#DryerBuzz — Ryan Seacrest? Who saw that coming? Bueller?

After host after host guess Secreast was the co-host with the most — most future potential.

Lets face it. Live with whomever is done. Kelly Ripa just needs time to exit on a semi high note. As high as one can climb after drama.

Live’s marathon has run it’s course for ABC. So we predict this is nothing but a headoff to a top grossing entertainment mogul set on further building his brand. Let’s just hope, better than hope, that Kelly set her hand and seal on Seacrest’s future deal.

How long will we have to sit through these two before we see what’s to come? Please let it be just a season. Do we really care? What about the snubs?

Wheres Anderson Cooper? He and Kelly Ripa recipe of giddy gay BFF was ok to watch a time or two.

What about what’s his name? Sure I had to google “guy who looks like Justin Bateman” to get to Jerry O’ Connell, but he tried so hard to win over shady Kelly.

Did we watch Kelly and Ryan — hell no. Ain’t nobody trying to see that. Spent the hour flipping channels and reading comments from our social media posts after announcement.

Headed back over to Kelly’s post show IG stories. I’ve bored myself with this post.

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life!

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