Rideshare | Watch out AmazonFlex – Lyft testing driver side scheduled rides

#DryerBuzz — Rideshare industry continues to explode as more and more convenience services come on board. Keeping drivers logged in becoming a major issue for companies like Lyft and Uber.

At DryerBuzz, we’re team Lyft. See rider/driver referral on blog and follow as we continue to blog about industry.

Lyft announced they are now testing a driver side feature for scheduled pickups. Great news for drivers, especially those who left of lessened their Lyft driving for the convenience of an Amazon Flex schedule. New to the scene, Amazon Flex offers preselected schedules with upfront income potential. Major attraction for drivers with limited flexibility.

In this tested period, Lyft drivers can preview scheduled rides in or near their normal driving areas and select rides for which they will make themselves available.

Lyft provides potential revenue estimation as well as dropoff destination in a special sections on the driver dashboard. Drivers participating in test period must check dashboard periodically for available rides. Driverscan select and deselect rides prior to scheduled trip. An estimated time to login also provided. An almost perfect scenario.

We say almost perfect because it depends on how well currently scheduled rides work for individual driver experiences. For us these rides have been hit or miss. Sometimes people schedule and forget. But for most part, scheduled rides turnout great — most early morning ones at least. Usually airport or work rides.

Competition remains steep as drivers split their availability between apps to better plan their days and income. A guarantee or almost guarantee is a plus. What say you?

We’re scheduling rides and will share updates on social media and in a blog post follow up. At first attempt, we’ve got a nice schedule building. Hope it works for both riders and drivers.

PhotoBuzz: Did you know we’re driving while blogging. In between rides, we conducted a great interview with radio veteran Joyce Littel on her continued success and return to popular time slot. Littel also served as mentor at Breakfast with DryerBuzz.

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