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#LivingAtlantaStyle stage by stage, we were back at Horizon for Blackberry Daze. I’ll tell you about the play in a minute. It stars TC Carson.

First and foremost, whenever TC Carson takes the stage in Atlanta, women of a certain age, my age, are transported right back to our favorites episodes of Living Single. At first note, we’re ready to shred a few napkins like Max. Yes, Carson gives that note again and again in Blackberry Daze — but so does the entire ensemble.

The walls of Horizon Theatre will forever ring wth the harmony. We left wanting a soundtrack to take home.

Let’s continue count the ways?  Two, music was one of the ways we love theatre and Blackberry Daze was full of song and soulful. This was the second show this month where the music was backed by live musicians. The other was Little Shop of Horror at Actors Express.

Make me Google. Teach me something. As soon as we sat down, there were elements of the set where my older cousin took the time to learn me something about the jars hanging from the trees.  Plus I love a war time and turn of the century story. As a lover of history and baseball, to see the story include negro leagues baseball scored in my heart.

Let me explore my imagination is another way I loved Blackberry Daze. Sensitive subjects to even comedic matters were handled brilliantly. Dialogue in place of embedding visuals acts took us down the storied path without pouring salt on wounds and brought us back to place of healing. #nospoilers

#thisaintthatbookclub but we were also excited to see that BlackberryDazes is an adaptation of Blackberry Days of Summer by Ruth P Watson (a Facebook friend). Watson was on hand signing copies of her book. She greeted us upon arrival with “I know you” — so great to see friends of the buzz living their dreams.

Dont miss Blackberry Daze. Horizon Theatre is located in Little Five Points which makes for the coolest afternoon or night out you can have while #LivingAtlantaStyle stage by stage.

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Bravo #BlackBerryDaze … love my Wednesdays at theatre 🎭 #LivingAtlantaStyle stage by stage #DryerBuzz

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Behind the Buzz — From release …

The Story: Blackberry Daze

The play starts with one gunshot. Five people are all willing to pull the trigger on gambling womanizer Herman Camm—but whodunit? Herman Camm is the beady-eyed, sharply-dressed man introducing himself to the mourning family as their loved one’s body is being lowered into the grave. Far from trustworthy, he is the type of man who is “cockle-doodle-doodling in a whole lot of hen houses,” according to Aunt Ginny. He courts matronly Mae Lou immediately following her husband’s death because he wants a woman to take care of him, but he is already involved with the local juke joint singer Pearl because she satisfies… well, other needs. In the wake of his shenanigans, he sets three more aflame as they grapple with his dangerous presence: Pearl’s cuckolded husband, Willie, a soldier who has just returned from the war; Mae Lou’s college-bound teen-age daughter, Carrie; and Simon, the budding baseball player who Carrie is falling for. Herman is a charismatic ladies man, but he’s plagued by a dark past. When he smells of corn liquor, he’s a loaded gun, and young Carrie is an easy target. “It’s no wonder so many people wanted him dead,” a character says during the show’s high energy opening number, as the list of suspects grows with each of Herman’s grins and sly looks.

Whisking us from juke joint to city club to the rural Virginia farm, the bluesy music, high stepping dance and story-telling style of the play keeps the action fast as actors change characters and locations with a quick turn. With Jones’ signature highly choreographed direction, the nimble ensemble never stops moving in creating this high-stakes tale. “I was writing about something I thought could have happened in 1919,” explains co-adapter Ruth Watson. “But it could be today’s story, anywhere. It’s amazing how things have and haven’t changed in the human heart.”

Blackberry Daze

Ruth P. Watson & Thomas W. Jones II
Original Music by William Knowles


Director – Thomas W. Jones II

Musical Director – S. Renee Clark


Carrie- Ayana Reed
Herman Camm- TC Carson*

Mae Lou- Naomi Lavette*
Pearl- Brittany Inge
Willie/Simon- Christian Magby

Ginny/Annie May/Hester- Christy Clark

*Member of Actors Equity Association

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